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A Morning in the Life of a Fighter/Entrepreneur


Don’t start any day without a clean, clear skull on your shoulders. Spooky Skeletons prefer Non-Ultra Joy with Lemon Scent.

Once your head’s clean and sitting straight on your bones, let’s head over to Class One MMA to get some training in…

Welcome to C1 MMA! My favorite (and the best) gym in New York City.

This is the place where anything is possible.

We have more active fighters than any other gym in New York City, competing in all sports, at all levels. From local amateur competitions to the UFC, we have it all.

Old Spooky Here reminds us that despite our diverse backgrounds, and life stories, we’re all just bones on the inside. Anyone with a good heart has a home here at Class One.

Here’s Class One MMA fighter Bryan Nicholas and Class One MMA trainer/fighter Yorrick Anderson getting some pad work in.

QUESTION: “Hey Bryan, what did the 5 fingers say to the face?”


In an equally fortunate/unfortunate turn of events, Bryan sees this one coming and slips under.

Push kicks for days over here.

Yorrick taking a karate break to do serious business work (probably perusing dog pictures).

Gee walks in looking real pissed. Woke up late, and was late to training. One of those days. The surprised look on Yorrick’s face speaks volumes here.

He didn’t stay mad for long though. Punches heal all wounds.

Caught him in the headlights.

Luckily, I was late too, so we got to do some training together.

It all worked out in the end.

I made a little video of some of the work we did. I hurt my head (see video), but all in all, it was a good morning/afternoon.

Are you back at the gym getting in shape for 2017 yet?

If you’re in NYC, come try a $49 two week unlimited trial at Class One MMA!


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