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How to Think Like a Marketer (Lesson 1)



I’m Dan Sevigny and this is the Marketing Blueprint for Health & Wellness Practitioners.

Today we’re going to go over some facts about marketing and the psychology of sales that will help you understand why this Blueprint works so well.

Anyone can follow a step-by-step guide to get somewhere–and if you do that with this course, you’ll easily get the results you’re looking for–but if you can truly understand the concepts we’re about to go over, you can begin to think creatively and intuitively like a marketer.

That’s my highest goal for you.

And the fact that you’re taking the time to develop this skill set in the first place, proves to me that you’re smart enough and talented enough to make that happen.

So just know that this level of marketing mastery is in the cards for you, if you want it.

Keep all of the facts we’re about to go over in mind as you go through this course. They’ll help you understand how each piece fits into the bigger picture.

Marketing Fact #1: Effective marketing is about building relationships.

The simplest definition for marketing is that it’s the methods and tactics you use to get more customers.

There’s a limitless variety of ways you can promote your business, but the most effective ones are those that help people feel personally connected to you and your offering.

Like in personal relationships, your relationship to potential clients should take on a slow and steady progression. The first time you meet someone, you don’t ask them for a favor. You get to know them.

As you get to know them, you add value to their life, by being helpful to them. THEN, once you have really solidified the relationship, it would be appropriate to ask for something–and they’ll probably be more than happy to help.

Take the same approach to your sales process: Get to know your customer, take the time to truly understand their needs, and provide them with value. By the end, you won’t even need to ask them to buy anything–they’ll practically be knocking down your door, trying to get some of your time (which is now scarce, and more valuable due to the increase in demand).

Marketing Fact #2: Marketing is an ongoing process of learning.

The only true failure you can experience as a marketer is if you fail to learn from your mistakes.

Marketing is all about trial and error.

You make educated guesses at what will work, and track the results. If it worked, GREAT! You’ll need to find out why, and continue to refine your method.

If the effort was a flop, which is often the case, you’ll need to think critically and use feedback and information you’ve collected during your campaign to improve next time.

It’s an ongoing process of learning and improving. So don’t get discouraged if things don’t work out at first. Get to work figuring out why.

Marketing Fact #3: Effective marketing requires a plan.

So many practitioners out there fall into the trap of thinking that if they provide a good service, and create relationships with their customers, that will be enough to sustain and grow their business.

While you can get by in this way, if you don’t have a plan–a marketing strategy where each piece plays a part in the whole–you’re wasting valuable time, effort and energy.

And any day could be the one where you simply have no new customers coming in, and you don’t know why–and when the bills are piling up and rent is due it’s already too late to figure it out.

If you don’t know where you’re going, or have a map to get there, you’re just going to wander around aimlessly–maybe you’ll get results, maybe you won’t–that’s not a very safe and secure way to build a business.

When you have a strategy, like the one you’ll learn in this course, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next so you can make the best use of your time and know how to get new business when you need it.

Marketing Fact #4: Creating a consistent sales process is KEY to a perfect marketing program.

The ideal outcome for any marketing plan is to have a pre-defined sales process that every new lead will follow on their way into becoming a customer.

This allows you to make sure each new customer has the same consistent experience, as they learn about who you are, what you offer, and how you can help them.

This is called a sales funnel.

Though new leads will fall into your sales funnel from a variety of sources, they’ll all go through it the same way.

By having a clear, consistent sales funnel, you’ll be able to track and measure how effective each step in the process is–and if changes need to be made, you’ll able to make them immediately for every new lead that comes in.

Marketing Fact #5: Marketing works on emotion.

It’s a well-known fact in the marketing world that people buy on emotion, and justify on fact.

When faced with many options, a buyer will pick whichever one best reflects their values and identity or demonstrates understanding of their pain points and fears.

Back in the 1920’s, ads were highly informative.

Once advertisers realized emotional hooks were more effective than information at persuading people to buy, the entire advertising landscape changed to catch up to this new discovery.

Just look at how different the ads from then and now are. Rather than emphasizing features of the product, the ads rely on emotion.

People will swear up and down that they make well-informed buying decisions and that emotion isn’t the driving factor.

For the majority of consumers, that’s just not true.

Most people simply aren’t aware of the subtle emotional cues that ads today rely on to draw them in, and draw their wallets out.

This is powerful information to have, and I’ll teach you how to use it in a morally and ethicaly responsible way that’s helpful, rather than harmful to your clients.

That’s it! Remember to keep these ideas in mind as you go forward, and I’ll catch you in the next lesson where you’ll learn all about the importance of having a strong brand (and what that means if you don’t already know).