“Everyone’s addiction is different. Everyone’s recovery is different and everyone’s goals for recovery is different,” says Dan Sevigny, Entrepreneur, addiction recovery coach and Co-Founder of Recovery X. “A relapse is basically going back on whatever goals you’ve set towards recovery. Some people will view it as a failure but I would view it as a learning experience and if you view it as part of a learning experience, it’s not as devastating when it happens. It’s also easier on the person because if they view it as a failure, that will always bring up feelings of shame for them.”

Sevigny claims that relapses are actually a very common part of the addiction recovery process. “Given that 40-60 percent of recovery addicts relapse (according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse), I think it’s fair to say that relapse is definitely common and happens a lot,” he says. Relapses are normal but they don’t have to be. The key is to help people find a good treatment that works for them and encouraging them to stick with it.”

Dan Sevigny is the co-founder of the digital marketing firm Spooky Digital and founder of Recovery X, a platform where addiction recovery experts can share information online.

As a kid, Dan was sensitive, had learning difficulties, and trouble connecting with his peers. He coped by cutting himself and started using alcohol and pills as a teenager. Which kicked off a 10+ year cycle where drug use, aggression, and petty crime would get him kicked out of school and then sent to rehab. The cycle became more destructive, the aggression turned more violent, the rehab leading to juvie and jail.

Dan describes the feedback loops of addiction and how depression made him feel like he was “on fire, with no skin and with everything in his body hurting.” Dan makes it extremely clear that there’s no silver bullet to recovery, but help came in the form of a mentor, learning about Search Engine Marketing while in rehab, and numerous therapists, particularly around DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). And through all of this, Dan honors his family, his mom and sisters in particular and he surprised me by how often he brings up his own privilege.

What’s it like buying a Christmas tree where you live? Does it take time, hassle and cost a lot of money? Not if you’re lucky enough to live in New York.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn was launched in 2011 by siblings Morgan and Dan Sevigny. They had a mission to ease the pain of buying a fresh Christmas tree for New Yorkers.

Sevigny feels strongly about being environmentally aware, as well as about the huge benefits that can come from helping someone in a difficult position. He himself was a recipient of much-needed guidance during a darker time in his life.

“I had a really hard time as a teenager,” he said. “I was addicted to drugs and got in a lot of trouble. Countless people loved and supported me through that and I am proud to say I made it to the other side. My goal in life right now is to help as many young people as I can, and working with Covenant House has been a fun way to do that.”

“If you help someone when they are most in need, they will remember you forever, and will go on to help others,” he added. “Positivity and love are contagious.”

Christmas Tree Brooklyn, founded on the spur of the moment by Dan and Morgan Sevigny in 2012, has gotten bigger every season.

Based on an Uber-like digital access model, customers can use their website or phone number to order a Christmas tree delivered and set up anywhere nearly instantly, for up to 50% off the price elsewhere.

Dan Sevigny of Christmas Tree Brooklyn confirms: “The most important thing business owners can do to prepare for the Holiday rush is to plan.The second most important thing to do is plan some more. Seriously, you can’t be well enough prepared.” So, go through your past year’s sales and analytics data, figure out what you’ll need for the coming year and organize the fun in advance!

“The first day, the delivery was late,” said Dan Sevigny. ”

We already had 90 orders that we needed to fulfill and people were already mad that they weren’t in on time … so, it was already hectic and then the stand fell down on my head.”

The Christmas tree business, they said, is not for the faint of heart.

They searched for ways to provide the best and cheapest services possible by running a streamlined operation.Dan explains, “the money we save on rent and staff we pass on to our customers. Delivery is free because it should be. You’ve already paid for the tree, why should you pay twice?”

Dan Sevigny, a martial arts instructor at Class One MMA at Fourth Avenue and St. Marks Place, started Women’s Fights last month “in response to our female friends and family who said they feel unsafe and watching the general social climate shift against women.”