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Wake up! The damning truth about marketing.


My name is Dan Sevigny.

I’m a marketer, entrepreneur, and a mental health advocate.

I need to tell you the truth. It’s not going to be easy to fully accept at first, but keep an open mind and PLEASE, whatever you do, read this all the way to the end, because I have one surprising truth that is way more damning than the rest.

Here’s the first truth:

Marketers are manipulating you.

I’m blowing the whistle and telling you the truth, because what this industry is doing to society is harmful and destructive to us all.

You might think you’re making a conscious decision to buy the things that you buy, but research actually proves that you don’t. You buy on emotion, and rationalize your purchase after the fact.

Harvard Business Review Wrote:

If you want to influence how a customer feels about your product, provide an experience that creates the desired emotion.

One of the best ways for a customer to experience your complex product is by sharing a vivid customer story. Research has shown that stories can activate the region of the brain that processes sights, sounds, tastes, and movement.

Contrast this approach to a salesperson delivering a data dump in the form of an 85-slide power point presentation.

That’s right. Research shows that if marketers can get you to feel the right series of emotions when telling you about their product, you’re going to buy what they’re selling.

This is a fact, backed up by thousands of credible research papers.

And it’s possibly the greatest threat to the world as we know it.

Here’s why.

Marketers aren’t always selling products in the traditional sense of the word.

Sometimes they’re selling something else. Like a President. Or a congressperson. Or anyone else in politics that uses a marketing firm and ghostwriter specializing in persuasion (hint: all of them).

Sometimes they’re selling ideas. Like racism, or violence, or bigotry.

And sometimes they’re getting you to buy shit you just don’t need–and keeping you addicted to giving them your money.

Ads are designed to make you feel like you’re missing out. Like the fun is happening somewhere else, or that you’re not good enough just the way you are. It’s bullshit.

If more people understood how easily they’re being manipulated, we might as a society stand a chance at retaining our sovereignty as individuals.

You might not even know it’s happening

If you’re thinking: “I notice ads all the time, I can’t be manipulated”.

I understand why you might think that, but I doubt it is true.

I’ve been working in this field for nearly a decade, and I’m still constantly realizing how susceptible and influenced I am by the ads I see. Sometimes I don’t realize I’ve been taken by a good ad, until it’s too late. Knowing that, I have to assume that there’s even probably more that fall entirely outside of my awareness.

Marketing done right doesn’t like marketing at all.

It feels like something you want to read, rather than something that pops up and distracts you. Bad ads–the intrusive and annoying ones–still have an effect on your brain, but it’s just less subtle. Good ads crawl their way into your brain disguised as content, and start pulling your emotional triggers–sometimes without you realizing it at all.

The marketing industry is collecting data on everything you do and using that data to constantly improve the effectiveness and stealth of the ads they serve you.

I’m not being overly dramatic.

There has never been more data than there is today–and the amount keeps growing exponentially.

And this is one of my favorite things to teach people, because it absolutely blows their minds.

This day and age, a savvy marketer can track you from the beginning of a sale (the first time you interact with them in any way), to the end of the sale, and every step in between.

Every time you complete a purchase–or decide not to–you feed more data to this ever-expanding machine. Then people like me come in, look at the data, and try to decode the stories it tells so we can market to you more effectively.

It’s sounds like magic, but it’s really just simple science…

We look at what users are doing, and test different changes in the way we advertise to improve the percentage of people who buy vs those who don’t.

With this scientifically proven new way of targeting buyers, ads get better every day, and have an incredibly powerful effect on your behavior.

Imagine this for a second…

I want you to actually take a moment to imagine this… It’s a really interesting exercise.

Imagine a world in which big companies with massive budgets for marketing and Public Relations controlled the masses through targeted messages delivered to them everywhere they go.

It feels like they’re stalking you.

They’re on your phone as you browse Facebook.

They’re on your computer as you search for information on Google.

They’re in your email inbox.

They’re in your snail mail inbox.

They show up at your doctors office in a magazine.

Every time they get your brain to register their message, it’s one more small chip away at your free will. They know that if they come around long enough and continue refining their methods, they’ll get you to internalize the messages they’re sending you. They’ll get you to feel the emotions they want you to feel.

They just have to keep showing up where you hang out. And they know exactly where to find you.

Any corporate interest with enough money can literally buy space in your brain, and influence your actions.

We’re all influenced by the information we see–even if we don’t realize it! Even if you disagree with what the marketer is telling you, simply being exposed to the narrative over and over is proven to have an effect on your desire to accept it as true.

How do you feel living in this kind of world? Probably not very good.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in today. Right here, right now.

Now imagine this…

Imagine being totally free.

Free to do and think and feel whatever it is you want on any given day.

What would it feel like to be released from the death grip that the marketing industry has on your mind, and pull their hands out of your pockets.

Imagine a world in which people were able to stop, slow down, and look at the influence that outside interests are trying to exert on them.

The world would be a more calm, sane, rational place.

The world would be safe, and free.

I’m going to tell you exactly how we can achieve that together.

Now, here’s the thing…

It’s impossible to promote a business without doing some type of marketing. And you’d be a fool for not using every tool at your disposal to succeed in business, including the use of emotionally charged language and sneaky marketing tricks.

And if marketers like me were to stop, someone else would just step in and keep doing it.

That’s why there’s only one solution: Ad Awareness.

I’ll teach you about all the sneaky ways marketers like myself are getting inside your head.

When you use the simple set of skills I’m going to teach you, you’ll finally be free; living and thinking for yourself.

Buying things isn’t bad.

The trick is to do it consciously and understanding all of the factors that led to your decision to purchase.

I’ll teach you exactly how to do that in my weekly Ad Awareness email.

Simply being conscious of the information you take in, and how it effects you will have a drastic effect on your overall happiness, sense of safety and well-being, and freedom to be who you want to be.

If it sounds too good to be true, do me a favor, and give it a shot. The worst case scenario is you lose a few minutes of your time–you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I have one more secret to tell you…

Remember that second “surprising truth” about marketing that I mentioned earlier? That truth is that I deceived you.

Offering the promise of something later on is a common tactic marketers use to get you to read their full story (which is being promoted as content).

I’m sorry. I had to prove a point. 

That method is called a “golden thread”–for its ability to keep you chasing it throughout the content all the way to the end–and it’s one of the many marketing tactics I’ll teach you about in my Ad Awareness series.

When you sign up for my Ad Awareness weekly newsletter, I’ll reveal secrets of the marketing industry that you can use to be free from control, and brain invasion.

You’ll also get valuable insight into how you can use these same methods to market your product or service in an ethical and honest–yet highly effective way.

Free for now, expensive later…

To top it all off, this newsletter is completely free until I have enough content to package it into a book. Then, I’m going to take much of it down and start selling it as paid content. If you subscribe now, you’ll have unlimited access to the entire series as it comes out.

If you wait, you might have to pay.

Whether you’re interested or not, I want to hear from you

More than anything, I want to start a conversation.

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